Vaga – Programador (Estagiário)

Estamos procurando um estagiário com seguinte perfil:

  • Conhecimentos básicos em uma (ou mais) linguagem de programação;
  • Orientação a Objetos;
  • Básico da engine Unity3D;
  • Básico de Flash e ActionScript;
  • Goste de jogos, como jogador e principalmente como desenvolvedor;
  • Participativo, comunicativo, humilde;
  • Não tenha medo de desafios, porque sim, temos muitos aqui dentro;


  • Conhecimentos avançados em linguagens como: C#, C/C++ ou Objective-C;
  • Integração com SDK 3rd Party, tais como: OpenFeint, Tapjoy, AdMob, In-App Purchases (iOS, Android e Amazon);

QUByte Interactive oferece:

  • Um ótimo ambiente de trabalho;
  • Profissionais qualificados e abertos a troca de informações;
  • Salário competitivo com o mercado;
Interessados enviem CV com portfólio para:
Observação: Contratação será feita via CIEE, por isso necessário estudantes de cursos relacionados com a área.


RC Mini Racing goes gold and hit the stores!

Step in to the world of remote control mini scale cars!

With only one finger you have total control to race in 30 stunning tracks and 3 championship modes.

Modify your car with with over 1200 combinations to win.

You can also create tons of unique tracks using the Track Editor with all the main game track pieces available.

Go for it! It’s FREE!


iPhone/iPad version here

Android version here

[News] Plush Wars available on Android Market

The epic battle is back and this time on Android
with a lot cool features:

Daily Bonus:
- Play the game every day to earn extra coins!!

New zombears:
-Meet the new Zombunnies!
-Watch out for the zombears coming from the sky!
-Zombears emerging from ground!

New ZomBosses:
-The Death is summoning more zombears! Defeat it now!
-What kind of weapon is in the top of the mountain?

New levels:
-After thousands of zombears defeated, a Cemetery was created right in front of the castle!! Hurry to the cannon and keep an eye for zombears that emerges from the graves!
-The zombears seems hiding the Final Weapon at the top of the mountain! Hurry to the train, and rush to the top and defeat it before it’s too late!!

New items:
-Plush Ball: Holy Plush Grenade – On the count of three blows enemy to tiny bits
-Plush Trap: Hole Trap – One false step and another zombear goes down
-Bonus Boxes: you can now stock up Bonus Boxes too, including the mighty Nuclear Box!

…And… if you come from Mars (or another far far away planet (sorry Shrek we had to use it)) and have no idea what we’re talking about, please watch this video and understand how this battle begun

[News] Plush Ninja for iOS – The epic battle is back!

PlushBalls were sure they had won the war and were ready to make the princess pay for her treason but (there’s always a but) ZomBears came back even stronger! And now they will try anything to invade the castle, rescue the princess and eat her as main course. After all, they’re ZomBears and they’re hungry!


Key features:

- Get prizes if you play daily;
- Slice the ZomBears to pieces and make as many combos as you can;
- Many kinds of traps to help cut them out;
- Several sword upgrades at your disposal, so you can use your multitouch skills on many ZomBears at the same time;
- Do not rest, the enemies attack on day light and at night as well!

Have fun… but know that the war is far from over.

Download now – iPhone and iPad




Video intro:

[News] HTR High Tech Racing available on Android Market for FREE

QUByte Interactive is proud to announce that the best ever game (in the genre ;) )  HTR High Tech Racing is now available on Android Market for FREE!!!

If you like slotcar games, you gonna love HTR, at least, this is what the players of iOS version are telling to us :D

Download now!

[News] RC Champions – Screenshots

This is QUByte Interactive’s new game . An 1:28 scale RC (Radio-Controlled) Champions. The game will be available soon for iOS, Android and PC. In the meanwhile, take a look at some screenshots.


[Android] Llma Rush ready for download on Android Market

QUByte Interactive is encouraging the students to bring up their products to the market and today we are very proud to announce the first game from this partnership with Rafael Dalmazo Corrêa student at FMU . Llama Rush is ready for download on Android Market

About the game:

Help the llamas to cross mountains without being hit by the rolling rocks!
The llamas need to walk around and needs your help to cross ways and mountains without being hit by the rolling rocks!
Keep them safe along the way to earn more and more points!
There are 4 different levels to play and you can choose between 5 different llamas, which can be unlocked with points you earn in the game.

Llama Rush is unlimited fun!!

[News] – QUByte welcomes new team members

In the pursuit of continuous growth, QUByte has been developing a multifaceted strategy that will position the company among the top game development companies in Brazil with global presence.

Part of this strategy is to bring and retain the greatest talents into the company, not only in game development but also in our management, investor and customer relations areas, in order to continuously deliver high quality products and services, and most importantly maintain a respectful, thoughtful and close relationship with our customers.

In this climate, we are happy to welcome our new team members to our company, Paul Camarao as our CIO – Chief Investment Officer and Juliana Guinsani as our CFO – Chief Financial Officer. Paul and Juliana are the founders of The J&P Group, a group of companies that have a focus on business and professional development, and they are now bringing their expertise and broad experience in business planning, strategy and investment into our company, with the goal to accelerate QUByte’s development and growth.

[News] HTR Evolution reaches over 1/2 million downloads (only 3 days)

The new version of HTR called HTR High Tech Racing Evolution reached more than 1/2 million (530k) downloads in only 3 days.
We received a lot of feedback about the game and the next updates will be release soon. Thanks to in-app purchases the revenue increased over 300% when we compared the game with the paid version for the same period. Also, both the Android version and iPad versions will be available the second week of Oct.
HTR Evolution is Top 10 in the racing and simulation categories in most countries, such as: USA, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Brazil and others…

We would like to say thank you very much and stay tuned, new versions coming soon!