QUByte Connect 2021 will feature more than 20 games

São Paulo, October 20, 2021 – QUByte Interactive, a Brazilian game development and publishing startup, presents next Thursday (28), starting at 1PM PDT, QUByte Connect 2021, a digital event that will showcase more than 20 games from the company’s portfolio.

In addition to several surprises, there will be news about three long-awaited QUByte titles: Breakers Collection, which rescues two classic fighting games that captivated fans of the genre in the 90s, both in Neo Geo and in arcades; Project Colonies: MARS 2120, 2.5D action-adventure game in the best metroidvania style; and Opus Castle, a horror game divided into chapters based on the tragic story of the little castle on Rua Apa, located in the city of São Paulo.

The event also marks the debut of the QUByte Classics line, which will relaunch classic games for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch. In these games, players will have different filter options, a friendly interface to navigate between different versions, save system and achievements.


“As some of these games were released for 8-bit and 16-bit platforms, our idea is to give players one more option to choose between these versions, as is the case with The Immortal and The Humans, which received versions of more than one console, like Mega Drive and Amiga”, says Marivaldo Cabral, CEO of QUByte.

QUByte Connect 2021 will be broadcast from 1PM on the channels of QUByte Interactive, for an English version, and Coelho no Japão, for a Portuguese version, both on YouTube. During the event, three games will be released.

Also follow the news from QUByte Connect 2021 on the official QUByte blog, and on social networks, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.



QUByte Connect 2021

Date: October 28th, 1PM (PDT) / 10 PM (CEST) / 17 horas (Brasília)

Channels: QUByte Interactive and Coelho no Japão, both in Youtube.


About QUByte Interactive

Located in São Paulo, QUByte Interactive is a game development and publishing startup with over 11 years of experience, solid technical team and strategic partnerships in countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany and China. For developers, QUByte is a partner that helps make their games visible around the world, with an approach that puts games and players first.


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