Dive into this new adventure with the cute Watermelon Blocks!


São Paulo – January, 2022 – QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Mira Games, is pleased to announce our new brand game Watermelon Blocks that will be available for Nintendo Switch on January 6th.

The game is a 2D platformer puzzle game with a simple narrative, you’ll control a watermelon which moves automatically and can change direction by wall jumping through the levels. You’ll help Block, a simple watermelon, get through the 46 challenge stages that will have a lot of puzzles, enemies and spikes in the dangerous platforms of Watermelon Blocks. The levels get progressively more challenging and introduce new mechanics and obstacles on the way. So, the player must be aware of the puzzle that needs to be solved with the new abilities.



  • Simple gameplay mechanics;
  • 46 levels to complete; 
  • Fast paced music;
  • Pixel art style; 

You can watch a Gameplay Video clicking here

More info about the game right here


Media Contact:

Nicolas Takada



About QUByte Interactive

QUByte is a Brazilian Game Developer and the largest Latin American Publisher on consoles. Our goal is to develop the industry through Porting and Publishing partnerships making games available to a broader audience on all major platforms, so they can realize their full potential.

About Mira Games

Solo developer from Brazil that is working and dedicating herself in the market of games, pixel art and streaming. Follow Brunna on her streams, twitch.tv/miraanha


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