São Paulo – October 7, 2021 – QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Game Nacional is pleased to announce our new brand game called Damn Dolls that is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Damn Dolls is a first-person horror explore that set in an abandoned house in the forest. You are Suzi and your best friend “Ana” is missing and the only evidence you have is that “Ana” was seen near this mansion, that the former owner of the property was killed by local residents for being accused of kidnapping and killing a girl.

You will find presences in the house that do not want your company, like three possessed dolls and a big creature with huge teeth. Be careful, this game has several Jump Scare and is inspired by a lot of games of terror and suspense.



  • A lot of exploration and a variety of enemies;
  • Weapons to eliminate the dolls;
  • Satisfactory sound effect;
  • Jump scare;
  • Unique puzzles;
  • Simple controls and mechanics;


Media Contact:

Nicolas Takada



About QUByte Interactive

Brazilian game developer and publisher focused on delivering high quality games across the most diverse platforms, from mobile to video game consoles, with business partners in several countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan and China.


About Game Nacional

Developer and publisher company focused on games for the Nintendo Switch, which helps Devs gain visibility on the console. The company already has experience with more than 10+ games in the eShop catalog.


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