Draw the correct path and don’t let the King get killed in the Chess Brain


São Paulo – November, 2021 – QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Caio Flávio, is pleased to announce our new brand game Chess Brain that will be available for Nintendo Switch on November 11.


Chess Brain is a simple chess puzzle game where you control the King who needs to get to a specific point, while avoiding opposing pieces that move every second to difficult your path.

Some paths may be simple, but others will make you think about every second ahead drawing the correct path to not let the King get killed by the opposite pieces.


The game has more than 25 puzzles and remember, only the correct path will take you to the destination point.




  • Simple gameplay mechanics;
  • More than 25 chess puzzles;
  • Doesn’t require much knowledge of actual chess;
  • Cartoonish art style;
  • Relaxing Music;


You can watch a Gameplay Video clicking here

More info about the game right here


Media Contact:

Nicolas Takada



About QUByte Interactive

Brazilian game developer and publisher focused on delivering high quality games across the most diverse platforms, from mobile to video game consoles, with business partners in several countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan and China.


About Caio Flávio

Solo developer graduated in Digital Games that is working and dedicating himself in the market of games for over 14 years. He made indie games like the series Chess Brain, Honey Land, Clarice and others minimalist relaxing games.


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