Hello Breakers Collection players!


Today (24) we’re releasing the second patch for Breakers Collection across all platforms. Here’s what’s new:


‘Bye’-Hu – Team Battle Event:

All players who completed the challenge will receive the ‘Bye-Hu’ title to use in their player profile.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Steam only:

– Trading cards, backgrounds, badges and emoticons added; Now the player can unlock various items on Steam by playing the game;

– Breakers Collection is now Steam Deck playable;


QoL Updates (All platforms):

– A new button has been added to the pause menu and completion screen of replay viewing that shows the replay summary, so you can view the replay ID or player profile without having to go back to the replay list;

– A new option has been added to unlock Bai-Hu (Breakers Revenge only) in Arcade and Versus Offline modes without needing a second controller! So any player will be able to complete all the achievements without needing a second controller. This new option is located in Options > Offline > Unlock Bai-Hu;

– A new setting has been added to the lobby: ping blocking! When creating a lobby, the lobby owner can configure a new option that will automatically remove any player who enters a lobby and has a higher ping than the configured one. Remembering: it only removes players who enter the lobby, players who are already inside the lobby and passed through this validation are no longer affected by the block to avoid disconnections due to ping variation;


Bug Fixes:

All platforms:

– Fixed several incorrectly written texts;


PC only: 

– Added lock to limit FPS in the game’s initial menu; 


Thanks for the continued support and all the feedback given to Breakers Collection! Be sure to follow QUByte Interactive on socials to keep up to date: 





We’ll have more news on the Breakers Collection soon!


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